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Even though decorations and sales have been everywhere since October, I still feel like Christmas snuck up on me this year. Or at least the commercial part of it did. I have been thoroughly enjoying the true meaning for a while now, and Jesus’ birth still fills me with wonder.

It’s just so odd, Jesus coming to earth. God loves us so much that He came down here to save us from the sin and death we actually deserve. We needed help and God is the only one who could give it to us. He could have just wiped the slate clean and started over a different way with different people, but He gave us another chance this way with Jesus!

Then there’s the severity and gravity of Jesus coming here. Jesus came to earth all the way from Heaven. The Son of God, still God Himself, limited Himself to humanity while still being God. He was both at once, powerful yet limited at the same time. He came down here to live in this unholiness with us, all the while remaining holy Himself. The Immortal Innocent One came to die to pay for sins He didn’t commit, then rose again to prove His sacrifice was accepted by God and that He has victory over death.

On top of that, this was done even for people who will never believe it. Jesus made all that sacrifice to make rescue available, and then left the choice up to each person. After all that Jesus has done for us, He doesn’t make us accept it. If I sacrificed everything to rescue someone from danger, I would be hard pressed to not rescue them anyway if they decided they just wanted to stay there. But God won’t make you do anything. He wants you to make the decision on your own. After all, if you tell someone, “I love you,” you want them to say it back because they want to and because they mean it, not because they feel like they have to or because you made them say it.

Well, those are some of my thoughts on it. What are some of yours?

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