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In 1 Peter 1:5-9, we read that God has things handled, and while we Christ followers will be tested (or have trials, depending on translation), it will only be for a little while and it will actually be very good for us. But what is “a little while”?

Last night in church we talked about what “a little while” (or in the KJV, “a season”) means. God doesn’t do time like we do. He sees all of it at once and knows how long everything is going to be and how long everything needs to be. A little while for God probably won’t feel like a little while for us. And even by human standards, when you consider how long human history has been and could still be, what even is “a little while” in that context?

Our trials may be for a little while, but we don’t get to decide what “a little while” means. But remember that God has things handled and trials are actually for our good. God cares about us very much, so He’s right there with us through our testing. He wants us to succeed, so He’ll give us the help we need if we just trust Him.

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