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I was in a conversation with my parents, brother, and a friend yesterday, and my dad mentioned the way God knows people related to time. I only know myself from my past up until now. I only know other people within the time that I’ve met and spent time with them. But God knows us each throughout our whole lives all at once. From birth to death, God knows you completely all at once.

God doesn’t experience or perceive time like we do, and knows all of it at once. God invented time. Since God knows all of time at once, He has the complete context of everything that’s ever been done or will be done. God has context for the context of things we may never know. God knows how human history goes. He knows how it started, He knows how it ends, and He knows everything in between. He lets us make our own decisions while also holding complete control of His entire creation, including time.

God knows the complete context of time and holds it in His hands. I wonder what it’s like to see all of time’s currents and eddies, and how they each flow and weave into, around, and together with each other to create the entire history of humanity. I wonder what it’s like to have complete knowledge of all the time that is, and what happens-happened-is happening-will happen in it. Considering my finite, time-bound existence, I don’t think I’m capable of understanding. But I know God knows and understands, and because He loves us, I don’t have to worry about the entirety of time, I just need to do what God wants here and now in my own tiny, tiny portion of time.

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