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Thanksgiving is nigh! While I look forward to being thankful for the food, there are plenty of other things for which to be thankful – and I don’t even have to be thankful just at Thanksgiving! I can thank God for anything at any time!

But I’m a “why” person. “Why?” is my favorite question, whether I’m asking or whether you’re asking. I like to know why I do the things that I do. So why give thanks to God?

I could take us on a lengthy excursion through the Bible, but that’s a bit too long, at least for a single blog post. But you can still take that excursion yourself, even if I don’t take you on it.

Let me just point out one piece of the Bible for now: Psalm 92. This Psalm starts off by telling us one of the reasons to give thanks to God: It is a good thing. The rest of the Psalm praises God and expresses why it is a good thing to give Him thanks, giving us other reasons for thanking God along the way.

There are several other verses in the book of Psalms that tell us to give thanks to God because He is good, and because of His mercy that endures forever (Psalms 106:1, 107:1, 118:1 & 29, and 136:1-3 & 26). Take a read through each of these Psalms/chapters. They’ll give you another perspective on thanks, as well as letting you know that thanks and praise are done together.

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