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I’ve travelled a few places outside of my home country and interacted with some people who have different practices and languages than I do. This has expanded my view of the world and of other people, making me more understanding and accepting of others. If you can travel somewhere that has a different culture, particularly with a very small group to a mission field, I recommend that you do it. Jumping right into a new culture and seeing the world through a new lens really changes how you look at everything and everyone.

In the places I’ve been to, I’ve encountered fellow humans that God loves as much as He loves me. Even though these people don’t do things the same way I do and even though I don’t do things the same way they do, we each have the same struggles and needs. Just because we don’t do things the same way doesn’t mean that we don’t both need Jesus.

In the places I’ve been to, I’ve encountered believers in Jesus. I’ve found this creates a wondrous connection between people, even when you don’t understand each other’s words! You have the best thing in common for humans to have, and you both know it. You both understand your equal footing before God and each other. You both believe in and know the same things. You worship, praise, and pray to the same God and He understands you both!

No matter where you go in the world, Jesus is the same there as He is where you’re from. Jesus didn’t come to die and rise again just for you and yours, He came to die and rise again for everyone!

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