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Sometimes we forget that there are people who need physical, tangible help. Sometimes we act like we can’t give it to them. We pray for them, but then don’t do the things that God has placed us there to do in answer to the prayer!

James the brother of Jesus talks about this in James 2, meddling into our business at verses 14-20. While God can certainly miraculously supply any need out of nothing, He gives us something to do instead. God lets us work together with Him to work alongside our fellow humans. So often we humans need things to come from close by. It helps when we can see from where we’re getting things. Resources to meet needs mean more and are easier received from a familiar source. So along with that, how are we supposed to represent God and show people who He is if we don’t or won’t help people? What good is believing in God if that doesn’t change what we do and who we are? God gives us ability and resources so that we can give them to others, ultimately pointing them to His love!

When you find someone in need, be willing to help them. Even if you think you can’t help them, you know the Supplier. God can supply through you or show you where to point the person in need, because He loves them!

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