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You can’t change people. That’s easy to say, but we still go around acting like we can change others. We may have the best of intentions, but if a person doesn’t want to change, nothing we do will help. Others have a free will just like I do.

God can change people. That’s also easy to say, but we still go around acting like God can’t change others. Maybe we think that because God respects the volition He gave us. While God could certainly change people against their will, He doesn’t. God gave us each a free will, and He limits Himself on purpose to respect that will. But when a person decides to let God change them, He can do what they can’t on their own, and what we can’t help them do.

Oh, and as a reminder, let’s not give everyone else a hard time when sometimes you and I are the ones who refuse to change.

With God, we are to always be changing for the better. And when someone else changes, we need to let them. We may not always like the changes that come about, but when we realize it’s God’s idea, we realize it’s much better!

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