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In Matthew 8:23-27, Jesus purposefully invited His disciples into a boat to get into a storm, and He went to sleep in the back of the boat!

Now some of the disciples were fishermen, so they likely knew what it was like to be out on the water when it got stormy. But this was a big storm, and the waves were covering the boat. But Jesus didn’t calm the storm right away. When the disciples woke Jesus wondering if He cared they were all going to die, then He calmed the storm. He also rebuked them for their lack of faith. Not the presence of fear, but the lack of faith.

Sometimes fear isn’t something you can just get rid of, but you can have faith bigger than your fears. Remember, Jesus invited you into the boat with Him. He’s there, too. It may be scary but the storm has a purpose, so by faith get in the boat!

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