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Before God even made humans, He knew we’d mess up so badly that He would have to be the one to fix things. But He made us anyway and through Jesus made a way for our sins to be swept away so we could be with Him in Heaven when we die.

But God will not force that on you. God gave humans the ability to make our own decision about it, and He will respect the decision we make. The all-powerful, perfect God who knows everything better than we do, will let us tell Him no. While God doesn’t want anyone to die in their sins and go to Hell, He won’t force His love and goodness on you. If you you don’t want God’s love, mercy, and help, He won’t make you take it. If you want nothing to do with God, He will ultimately leave you alone.

That’s a terrifying and amazing thing to me. While God is completely in control of everything, He still lets us make our own decisions, even when we stubbornly refuse to make the correct one.

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