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Communication is important. Communication means to share with others, both you and them, telling and listening, back and forth, both ways. But people aren’t mind readers. I don’t know what you’re thinking if you don’t tell me, and you don’t know what I’m thinking if I don’t tell you. If we know each other well enough we can make some good guesses based on facial expression and body language, but neither of us is going to know for sure or know the details unless we talk about it.

Someone might have no idea that they’ve hurt you or even that they’ve made you happy. If you tell them, then they can adjust so they don’t hurt you on purpose and so they can make you happy on purpose. Sometimes you’re the one that has no idea you’ve hurt someone or made them happy until they tell you. But sometimes people don’t feel like they can tell someone how they feel, so you might have to ask. Whatever the case, it’s important that you talk to each other about things, even if you think they’re not that big of a deal. Being able to talk with each other and adjust over small things makes it much easier to adjust and not be irritated over bigger things.

Are there times when people might be upset at how we feel and think about something? Yes. Are there times when we’re the ones upset at how someone else feels and thinks about something? Yes. But those things don’t mean that we shouldn’t all try communicating with each other better, whether we’re telling our feelings or listening to someone else’s. As they say, it’s a two-way street.

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