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This has been a very strange year for everyone. It’s been tiring and frustrating. It’s been downright disheartening for so many. So now that we’ve reached the busy, busy end of the year, it’s really starting to wear on people. Be aware of that, in others and in yourself. Then be aware that though things seem dark and hopeless, the light and hope are not actually gone!

Remember that God the Son, God Himself, came from Heaven to be a human while still being God. The Light of men wrapped Himself up and came down here so we could have hope! (John 1:4-5; 3:16-17)

Remember that sometimes it gets hard to see the light and hold on to the hope, but both are always there. Just look around and ask God to help you. God will point you in the right direction of the light and help you renew your grip on the hope! He has never left.

Remember that God is the source of light and hope. God is light and hope. He has shown and continues to show us His light, and lights our way when we seek Him. He even holds hope for us and won’t give up on us, which is why He sent Jesus! God doesn’t want to leave us alone in the dark, so He sent Jesus to light the way to Him. God sent Jesus so that we could have hope and a chance to get out of the darkness.

Remember that light and hope aren’t just a one-time opportunity. God didn’t give us light and hope and just leave us to our own devices with them. Given our nature to wander away from such things, light and hope wouldn’t be much good then. But given God’s omniscience and love, He always points us in the right direction again!

Light and hope are not gone and they are not lost. God still freely gives both! Take and share them!

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