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Do you ant to lose some of your prejudice (perhaps even unknown prejudice) and expand your horizons of understanding people? Travel somewhere out of your country, someplace you aren’t used to. Get with your church and call up a missionary to ask if you and maybe one or two other people can visit for a while and help serve in the ministry. Go somewhere “strange” by yourself or with a very small amount of people and really immerse yourself in the new culture.

You may find that more often than not, things others do aren’t always that strange. Humans are humans, regardless of age, gender, culture, beliefs, abilities, or social position. We come up with things to do that make sense for us, we do what works. All humans have the same basic needs and emotions, we just pursue and express them with different flavors.

Regardless of where you go, God made every single human you see, and God loves every one of us so much that He sent Jesus to die and rise again so we would be able to spend eternity with Him. God doesn’t love one person or people group more than another. God doesn’t love some people and not others, He loves us ALL!

Visiting another country, particularly when you’re working in a Christian ministry, will pick at your prejudice and pry open your closed heart. You will realize that you’re just like these people. You might even find a few bits of prejudice you didn’t know you had. You might find that while you understand a lot, you now understand more. Getting out and rubbing elbows with people who “aren’t like you” can help you realize that we’re all more alike than we sometimes think.

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