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Last night during church I had the opportunity to help with an older age group of kids than usual. We were learning about when God created everything in the beginning. Paying attention to the order of events, one kid asked, “If God created the sun, moon, and stars after He created the oceans, how did the oceans have currents and tides?”

The answer was: considering that the earth was not quite the same back then as it was now, the oceans might not have had the same currents, or may not have needed them. Either way, God can take care of that.

Later on after the lesson, the same kid asked, “What day did God create noise?”

We supposed it might have been the first day, since God spoke everything into existence from the start.

During the lesson we also talked about how humanity is different from the rest of living creatures because humans have souls. Animals don’t have the ability to understand and believe in God and His morality, they can’t love God like we do, and they don’t worship. Oddly enough, there weren’t many questions about that from the kids. But I find myself wondering, what is a soul? I have one, you have one, but how do I explain it further?

I’ll have to get back to you on that one, but for now I do know that it means I have the ability to feel, think, reason, and believe in ways that animals cannot. We are made in God’s image, which means God created us with some similarities to Him, such as the things about our souls that give us the ability to relate to Him.

If you ever want some interesting and even challenging questions, ask someone smart, especially if they’re a kid.

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