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In church yesterday we talked about being a steward. When you are a steward, you handle someone else’s resources on their behalf. To have this position requires you to be trustworthy, loyal, and skilled. Do we meet those qualifications when it comes to all God has given us?

If we don’t, we should start getting there. God has given us everything we have, including life itself, so we should be doing things with it all that God approves.

Sometimes we complain about not having enough, but we have more than we realize. Sometimes the reason we don’t have more is because we aren’t handling well what we already have. And I’m not just talking about money, I’m talking about talent, time, and other resources.

Sometimes I go around life as if the stuff I have is mine. But I don’t have it because I made it out of nothing. Everything in existence, including every human soul, is something that God made and rightfully owns. Did God give us volition and does He allow us to use and enjoy the things He’s made? Yes! We just need to remember that we didn’t get it on our own. Our very ability to do anything at all comes from God. God’s stuff is made for His glory, not our own squandering. While we have the ability to do with it whatever we please, we will answer for whatever that happens to be.

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