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People have different talents and abilities. People have individuality. Each human that God made and loves has a different personality, and a different way of looking at and doing things. And you know what? That’s God’s idea and making!

While we can certainly do the wrong things with our particular tendencies and talents, God allows us to have them for a specific purpose He has in mind. Some people are afraid of believing in God and getting saved because they’re afraid God will take away their individuality, but God gave it to you in the first place, so He won’t take it from you. God has a plan in mind, and you’re just the person for the job. You were made for the plan and the plan was made for you!

God doesn’t take away your talents or individuality, He recycles and repurposes them, points them in the right direction. God gives you a higher calling, elevates your abilities to greater work than you can do on your own. God knows who you are and what you can do. He made you, so He knows just what kind of work to set you doing! It’s your choice as to whether or not you work with God, but you’ll love it for sure!

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