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Love can be a nebulous word that we just throw around sometimes. Because English only has one word for it, sometimes we confuse the different kinds of love, and even use the word love for things that are not love.

Love is not something you fall into or out of. You can certainly fall into and out of passion, infatuation, and interest, but love is something entirely different. Love is not a feeling that comes and goes. There will certainly be feelings with it, but love itself is a choice. When you choose to cultivate a relationship with someone and seek their good and not just your own, you are loving them.

But then there are different kinds of love, or choice. You can choose someone’s physicality, but that will change and you’ll find you have no reason to choose them anymore. You can choose someone as a person and be friends with them, even though sometimes you may drift away from each other. Then you can choose someone no matter what, and make it a point to seek their good above your own, even if they don’t deserve it or reciprocate.

That last kind of love is the kind we want and need from God, and is the very kind He gives us. It is the kind of love that keeps a marriage and family together. It is a continual, daily act of the will. This love, or choice, does not depend on its object for its continuation.

In parting, I’ll leave you with a couple thoughts from the sermon yesterday morning:

Since love is a choice, telling someone you don’t love them anymore could be said as, “I don’t choose you anymore.” What kind of love do you have? Will it continually choose the other person?

God loves, or chooses, you unconditionally. God’s love/choice is never in question. Do you choose Him like He chooses you?

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