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Take a look at the things you believe, the things you are fully persuaded are true. Whether these things are religious, scientific, or otherwise, why do you think and feel that they are true and real? Do you really believe them, or are they just comfortable to you? Have you just accepted them because you’ve always heard them, or have you truly given these things thought?

God wants you to use your brain, otherwise He wouldn’t have given you one. God designed humans to be curious, to ask questions, to seek and find answers. But we humans also like to be comfortable, so sometimes we don’t like certain questions and won’t ask them or listen to them. We often do ourselves a disservice when we ignore difficult and uncomfortable questions, and often we do others a disservice by dismissing and ignoring these questions when they ask them.

I have a few friends who sometimes ask me difficult questions or make interesting suggestions. They don’t make me doubt God or my faith in Him, but they do make me stop and consider what I really believe about these things and why I believe them. Usually I know exactly what and why, but it takes me a bit to word the answer properly. Fortunately these friends are patient enough to let me figure out how to best explain what I’m trying to get across. We like to talk about difficult things and make sure we know our answers.

It’s important for people to know why they believe what they believe, especially Christians. We should also learn to explain it to others and listen when others explain to us so we can understand each other. If you really believe what you believe is true and correct, then you’ll want to persuade other people to believe it, too. You don’t persuade people by beating them over the head with your belief, you persuade them by listening and communicating together about how you both think and feel about your beliefs, then you let each other think about it. Know why you believe what you believe, and then know how to talk about it kindly.

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