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Considering that God made the universe and all the laws by which it functions, anything we discover through science won’t disagree with God. Sometimes scientists might overstep the boundaries of science and try to make assumptions in an attempt to understand more things, but that doesn’t mean that science is disagreeing with the God who created it.

Sometimes I meet Christians who are afraid of science, as if it is the antithesis of faith in God. But science can actually affirm and encourage faith! We all have access to the same observable things (reminds me of the first few verses of Psalm 19), and with the Internet, we have access to everyone’s notes on those things, too!

Since God is a God of order, He made things to work according to a discoverable and knowable order. This is part of the reason why many Christians made their scientific discoveries in the first place; they believed God made things in a way they could figure out.

God and science don’t disagree. We humans might disagree on what we see and how we see it, but if we look with open honesty, we’ll find the truth.

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