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Sometimes your house just needs a good deep cleaning. But between those cleanings, it won’t need that kind of deep cleaning as often if you do maintenance cleaning. If you do a little bit of something every day, like putting¬† things back right when you’re done with them, dusting the furniture one day, wiping off the countertops another day, and giving the bathroom a once-over another day, then the dirt and germs won’t build up nearly as badly and cleaning in general will be so much easier.

Your mind, heart, and life are like this. If you keep bad things from building up by cleaning them out when you see them, they won’t build up nearly as much and you won’t have to spend your energy worrying about how cluttered everything has become. If you make it a regular habit, you will feel so much more clear. It takes a bit of practice and discipline, but trust me, you’ll feel much better.

Letting and Keeping
Pursuing Holiness
Clean or Dirty, All or Nothing
The Mind as a House
Detailing the Heart and Mind
Guarding and Keeping Your Heart