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I highly recommend reading the Bible every day. Whether you want to focus on a portion of it for a week or a month, focus on parts to memorize, or read the whole thing through in a year, reading it every day really gives you a better sense of what’s in it. Being immersed in the Bible as a daily habit makes it easier for you to recall to mind what’s in it when you need it. And since the Bible is essentially spiritual food, you really should be reaching for it every day.

There are Bibles and plans all over the place, both physical and electronic, making it easy for you to start. Pick an accurate translation that you can understand and find yourself a Bible reading plan. You can do it by yourself or have a friend or family member do it with you. If you have someone to do it with you, then you can help keep each other accountable about it, sort of like a walking or exercise buddy.

If you used to read daily and don’t anymore, I encourage you to start again. If you’re already doing it and getting bored with it, I encourage you to keep at it. Sometimes Bible reading is like exercise; you don’t always see what you’re getting out of it, but if you put in the regular work you’ll definitely notice a difference!

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