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God did not just create the universe and leave it be to unwind itself until the end of time. God wants to love us and He wants us to love Him back, so God made Himself knowable and reachable.

First we need to know Him, so God put His signature on everything! He put clues everywhere in creation about His existence. He chose and chooses to interact with humanity. He had some people write down experiences they had with Him, which we now refer to as the Bible, and made certain those accounts have been preserved throughout history. God wrote within our very hearts an awareness that He exists, that there is something, Someone, beyond us, and that there is a higher reason for our existence.

But just knowing God exists doesn’t mean we can reach Him, so God reached for us! God the Son came down to sacrifice Himself to atone for our sins! We are too sinful to reach God in His holiness, and sometimes too sinful to even try, so before time began, God had already made Himself reachable. Before time began, Jesus already did all that needed to be done to reconcile us to God!

In John 1:1-5, we see a heavenly perspective of what it was like for Jesus to come, for God to make Himself knowable. God sent light into the darkness so we could see. In John 3:1-21, we see from Jesus Himself what God’s purpose is in all this. In Romans 5:6-11, we see that God wants to be friends with people who are intrinsically opposed to Him, people who are naturally His enemies.

In light of all this, we can see that we don’t need to do anything to reach God on our own. God has made Himself reachable, and anything else that we use in an attempt to reach God or communicate with Him is a useless idol. We do not need to use anything to get closer to God, He has already made Himself perfectly accessible.

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