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Yesterday one of my sisters sent me something she heard in church: Worry is believing God won’t get it right, bitterness is believing that God got it wrong.

This got me thinking about something related I’ve learned: God’s idea is always better than yours.

Followers of Jesus believe and know that God knows what is best for everyone and that He loves everyone. This means we don’t have to worry. But so often if we aren’t living as practical atheists, we act as if we aren’t convinced that God really does love us. We go about as if our problems are entirely up to us. We go about afraid that God’s way won’t be as good as what we have in mind.

God’s way of doing things is not always painful. We are often afraid it will be, but we don’t have to be afraid. Even at times when things are painful, God is still there walking right next to us – sometimes carrying us!

Just because I don’t know what God has in mind doesn’t mean I need to worry or be afraid. Just because things didn’t go the way I wanted doesn’t mean that God messed up or that He doesn’t care. God sees all of time at once and knows how it all fits together. Whether things feel good or bad right now, God has a plan for it all to turn out for His glory and your benefit.

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