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As a musician, it is good to practice scales. Play or sing the notes up and down, down and up, in all the keys. It can get boring and often you won’t see what good it is doing you. But I promise it will make you a better musician. It will make a lot of things easier on you, which is why your teacher tells you to practice your scales.

Sometimes life can feel like practicing scales. You’ve done this already and you know how it’s done, but for some reason God is having you do it again. You’re sure you’re ready for something new and more complex, but here you are going through the basics. But after you’re done and you start that something new, you find that is has a lot more of the basics in it than you thought. It certainly is more complex, but because you’ve got the basics down well it isn’t as hard as it would have been without the extra practice.

Knowing and practicing your scales helps you maneuver around your instrument or voice better. It gives you better range and makes that range comfortable. It expands your ability and helps you handle new pieces better. Knowing and practicing the basics that God has laid out helps you maneuver around life’s situations better. It helps you handle the range of situations easier. It expands your ability and helps you handle new situations.

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