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Sometimes we don’t tell God how we really feel. I mean how we really, REALLY feel. We Christians especially sometimes don’t say certain things because we think that we should never feel negatively.

But God can handle our feelings. He’s the one who gave them to us in the first place and He has had feelings before we ever existed. There’s nothing wrong with having feelings; it’s what we do with our feelings is where the morality comes in. Do we hold on to feelings we should let go? Do we let go of feelings we should hold on to? Do we let our feelings spur us to do wrong or to do good? Are we keeping track of our feelings so that we don’t keep the wrong ones and so that we do keep the right ones? And are we being honest about our feelings?

If we think that we shouldn’t talk about having certain feelings and emotions, we should remember that there are several places in the Bible where people were very honest and direct with God in how they expressed their emotions. Some of these expressions were extremely joyous, and people sometimes broke into poetry or song (Exodus 15:1-21; 1 Samuel 2:1-10). Sometimes an expression of praise was given in the midst of what must have been a difficult and conflicting time (Luke 1:46-55). Sometimes people expressed sadness, frustration, and anger to God, sometimes at God (1 Kings 19:4 & 9-10; Jonah 4:1-3). Sometimes people expressed a mixture of praise and questioning God (Psalm 13 and 77; Jeremiah 20:7-18). Many of the other emotional expressions you see in the Bible are in the Psalms. Wherever you find them though, these displays of emotions are very honest with God. In cases where God’s response is recorded, He does not rebuke the honesty (see the verses around the previous references). He rebukes a wrong attitude, but never the honesty. Often God responds in a very encouraging manner.

God can handle your feelings. You are allowed and even invited to talk to God about how you feel.

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