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In the Gospels we find different accounts of when Jesus came down to earth to live with us for a while so He could be the sacrifice needed to save us from our sins and reconcile us to God. Matthew begins with the genealogy of Jesus, then moves to a few events leading up to the birth of Jesus, then the birth itself. Mark begins by jumping right into the earthly ministry of Jesus once He was already here and grown. Luke begins with the events surrounding Jesus’ birth and gives context before moving to the birth itself. John begins by declaring how Jesus is God’s Word and Light of Life sent right here to and for us.

As much as I like to hear about baby Jesus, I also love John’s account of Jesus coming to earth in John 1. John begins with the absolute beginning, when Jesus was there with God at creation because Jesus is God. John calls Jesus the Word. In the original Greek John isn’t just saying this as if it’s just a word, but also the power, meaning, and intention behind and within that Word.¬†John then calls Jesus Life and Light. Then the Light came down to us in the darkness. When the Light came down, the Word was made flesh, became human like us while still being God. He lived here with us for a while so that He could do all that was necessary through His life, death, and resurrection to give us the ability and privilege to be adopted as God’s own when we believe!

God’s Word came down not just so we would hear it spoken and see it written, but so we could interact with it. God’s Life came to us so we wouldn’t have to die in our sins. God’s Light shined so we wouldn’t have to stumble around in the dark.

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