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In Sunday School for the past few Sundays, we’ve been teaching the little kids about God creating everything. Yesterday morning the teacher was asking the kids to name things that God created. They named various animals and plants, and had a good time. Then in my head I started thinking about my soul, the rules of physics, and a lot of other abstract things that God created.

While I know God created everything I know, sometimes I only think about the physical, tangible things. But God created the laws by which these things work, as well as things I don’t understand and things I don’t even know about. God not only created physical matter, He also created the laws by which it all functions! He not only created physical matter and the laws by which it functions, He also created non-physical things! God created my soul, the very essence of my being! He created every soul that there is, was, and will be!

God has created much more than meets the senses, and has given us the ability to go poking around to learn about these things!

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