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Often when I watch a documentary on outer space or see a planetarium presentation, I feel incredibly small and insignificant. The universe is just so vast! Everything is zipping around at high speeds, sometimes around other things, following other things, or running into other things! There are massive rocks of all kinds whizzing around, not to mention huge balls of fire and gas that sometimes just explode or implode with their own internal reactions!

Then I think about the God who created all of that, and how it is all operating according to the precise mathematic and physical rules He set up, and I feel even smaller. But then I remember that God has taken note of me and cares deeply about me. He loves humanity so much that He made this universe in the first place, and then interrupted our history Himself through Jesus so that we could go to Heaven after we die if we believe in Jesus. Heaven is even a place for us to exist beyond the physical realm that is much more magnificent than the universe!

I feel incredibly small and insignificant in all this vastness, but God has placed importance on each human. We are each important to Him. He notices me, even in His vastness. He loves me, which is why I even exist at all. God is unfathomably vast and powerful, and here He is caring about what happens to each of us, even when we don’t know or see that He is.

Even though I may feel incredibly insignificant and sometimes lost in it all, I can also feel incredibly safe and incredibly loved. God is more vast than the universe He created, yet still makes it a point to care about you and me.

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